RiSE4fun samples for EsmList of built-in samples for the Esm in RiSE4funen-USrise4fun © 2017 Microsoft Corporationhttp://rise4fun.com//Images/Rise.gifRiSE4fun samples for Esmhttp://rise4fun.com/Esm/cross-cuttingcross-cuttingDo cross-cutting concerns cause defects? http://rise4fun.com/Esm/bugfixesbugfixesI just submitted a bug report. Will it be fixed? http://rise4fun.com/Esm/orgmetricsorgmetricsWhat metrics are the best predictors of failures? http://rise4fun.com/Esm/unit-testingunit-testingShould I be writing unit tests in my software project? http://rise4fun.com/Esm/ownershipownershipIs strong code ownership good or bad for software quality? http://rise4fun.com/Esm/distributeddevelopementdistributeddevelopementDoes Distributed/Global Software development affect quality?http://rise4fun.com/Esm/beauty_and_beastbeauty_and_beastHow can I tell if a piece of software will have vulnerabilities? http://rise4fun.com/Esm/tddtddDoes Test Driven Development (TDD) produce better code in shorter time?http://rise4fun.com/Esm/test-coveragetest-coverageIf I increase test coverage, will that actually increase software quality? http://rise4fun.com/Esm/qualityqualityWhat is the data quality level used in empirical studies and how much does it actually matter? http://rise4fun.com/Esm/depmetricsadepmetricsaAre there any metrics that are indicators of failures in both Open Source and Commercial domains?