Does this program contain infeasible code?
DISCLAIMER: Joogie is a 3rd party tool offered by Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg. By clicking ‘►’, you instruct rise4fun to send the source to Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg’s Joogie to be analyzed. Please refer to the terms of use and privacy policy of Joogie.
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about Joogie - Infeasible Code Detection for Java
We present Joogie, a tool that detects infeasible code in Java programs. Infeasible code is code that is either not forward- or backward-reachable. Infeasible code comprises many errors detected by static analysis in modern IDEs such as guaranteed null-pointer dereference or unreachable code. The intriguing property of infeasible code is that it can be detected in a modular, cheap, and precise way.Unlike existing techniques, Joogie identifies infeasible code by proving that a particular statement cannot occur on a terminating execution using techniques from static verification. Thus, Joogie is able to detect infeasible code which is overlooked by existing tools. Joogie works fully automatic, it does not require user-provided specifications and (almost) never produces false warnings.
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